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Creating seamless and intuitive mobile applications that offer the best user experience is what our team of mobile app development professionals at Vilro are experts at. We design & develop all kinds of mobile apps for iOS, Android, and more, depending on your business and end-user requirements.

Mobile-App -Development

Strategy & Planning

To build a powerful app, development needs to have a clear vision of the project and the results it can bring. Our strategy and planning workshops focus on specific app development processes that help to identify user needs and all the functionality that comes with it.

We provide you with clear vision for your project with concrete documentation at every stage with itemized estimations, road maps, audits and reports.

UX/UI Design

Besides delivering value, your app needs to be polished and add to the user experience for your customers. That’s why here at Vilro, we create app designs that are aesthetically pleasing, scalable, responsive, and user-friendly for all platforms.

We will make sure your app will be delivering the right message from brand inception to target market user, by planning wireframes, designs and prototypes.


Systems Architecture

Crafting a robust and scalable system architecture is crucial for the success of any app. Let our expert developers design and build the perfect architecture for your app.

Our team has years of experience integrating with back-end & middleware systems, and can evaluate alternatives based on cost, time to market, implementation risk, performance, scaling, and security considerations. Contact us today to bring your app idea to life!

iOS Development

We are proud to be a high quality iOS application development company, building high-performance applications that are packed with features that best fit your business and customer needs. Looking for that competitive edge? We'll design your app to be cross-platform compatible. 

Whatever your needs may be, Vilro will exceed your expectations, so let's start today!


Android Development

Android is one of the fastest growing operating systems for smartphone devices, and is becoming more popular with every update. We know how to develop versatile, user-friendly, powerful and scalable applications of any category. Our full-stack android developers are skilled with native and hybrid programming languages. This has given us the ability to build apps from simple to complex functionalities across  various industries.

We don't just build apps; we deliver perfection with every app, so lets start on yours today!

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-Platform (CP) mobile app development is on every developer and companies’ mind. Companies like the idea of building one version of cross-platform apps with a single workflow, given the exponential increase in the cost of per-platform development and the need to bring it to market as soon as possible. We at Vilro develop cloud-connected cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows that help enhance audience reach on multiple platforms. Our cross-platform mobile applications are developed on the most popular frameworks, making them reliable and ensuring your  app runs smoothly.

We deliver mobile apps with a competitive edge; if you are looking for quality in cross-platform development, look no further and contact us today!


Backend Development

From the earliest stages of product conception and strategy, our API architects focus on building a custom solution to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s integrating with your existing systems, developing a middleware-based approach, or building a custom solution, our engineers have done it all!

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